Questions of Morality Regarding Drone Strikes

It was over 1 yr & 2 mos ago when the biggest uproar over a drone strike occurred, unfortunately not even a blip in most media coverage.  A group of teenagers that included a 16 yr old American boy by the name of Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi were targeted and killed (  Abdulrahman had never been accused of a crime.  Nor was he a part of an extremist group.  By all accounts, he was not an advocate of violence unto Americans or anyone else.  Prior to his death he had decided to search out his father, the radical cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, who he had not seen in 2 yrs.  This led to his demise.  He visited with cousins and met new friends in his short search.  Perhaps some of those he came in contact with were under surveillance.  After all, the US had been on the tail of Anwar for some time (he was killed 2 weeks prior to Abdulrahman).  Maybe the US decided to kill Abdulrahman simply for being the son of Anwar.  Who knows?  The US has never officially addressed this atrocity.

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