No One Daydreams of Being a Hero Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump said he would have charged into the Parkland high school even if he had been unarmed. I got to say, I kind of get a kick out of Trump’s self-aggrandizing digressions. It provides a bit of comic relief in the middle of the rest of his unavoidable bullshit. It’s like the guy has no self-awareness. In any case, it got me wondering about what other hero scenarios he’s played out in his head. Here are a few educated guesses of scenarios that have played out in that big old genius melon of his: Read More

36 Years a Mexican-American

I believe that if there were a grand accounting of positive and negative experiences occasioned by race, complete with a +/- scoring system, the average for whites would be far and away the top score – perhaps even the only positive score in the bunch. Obviously, that is an impossibility. I could quote stats to justify this sense, but the truth is that I, like many minorities, have probably been convinced of this by experiences prior to having any knowledge of hard stats. So instead, what I will do is share my history with racism and suspected instants of racism. I do not know how typical my situation is, but I have met people whose racist experiences would need to be cataloged in a book, not a relatively short piece like this. Then again, of my 2 siblings and I, I have had the worst luck with racism – and this in an area that I regard as not having a large problem with racism. All in all, I feel fortunate that it wasn’t much worse and sad to presume that my experiences are not abnormal.

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Inherently Noncompetitive Competitions

I do not understand the insistence on making competitions out of activities that were not competitions to begin with, unless the purpose is to provide a grant.  If you make a movie or a work of art is it not enough to know that a good portion of the viewers have enjoyed it?  Aren’t the fruits of advancing science or promoting peace sufficiently rewarding without further distinctions?  If you are attractive is it not satisfying enough to receive the occasional compliment and the rest of the perks that come with physical beauty?

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